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Welcome to the BC Forest Discovery Centre Logging Equipment Wiki

The BCFDC (British Columbia Forest Discovery Centre) is a non-profit society based in Duncan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in the far west of Canada, which exists to educate the public about life, work, and the environment in forest communities in coastal BC, as well as to collect and preserve forestry artifacts.

This mandate more broadly involves forestry in the entire Pacific temperate rain forest along the North American west coast, from the Alaskan panhandle down through British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon into Northern California.

To aid in its tasks the BCFDC operates a 2 km narrow-gauge steam railway on a 100 acre property of mixed forest, former farmland, lake frontage and wetlands.

Purpose of this Wiki

This Wiki was created to:

  • display our logging artifacts;
  • clarify logging terms used on the Pacific Northwest Coast;
  • help the public understand the use of our forests;
  •  provide a precise nomenclature for our artifacts.

This wiki deals with the four major areas of forestry on the Pacific Northwest Coast:


In this wiki 'Railways' refers specifically to the logging railways used on the Pacific Northwest Coast.


In this wiki 'Forestry' refers to the science of harvesting wood on the Pacific Northwest Coast, and the concomitant organisations and careers involved.


In this wiki 'Logging' refers to the processes and equipment used in the creation of logs by the harvesting of standing trees growing on the Pacific Northwest Coast.


In the Pacific Northwest 'Lumbering' refers to the processes and the equipment involved in creating Lumber.