Tyrone Thompson / Sussex Spencer Family History
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1     I think I mentioned to you about my sister Isabel - and how the Lord saved her as a child.
    I've been thinking a lot about her these last few days, and reading some of the poems she wrote. The enclosed poem was written when she was about nineteen, and I so much want to share it with you.
    Isabel was the fourth child of my parents, and by the time she was eight years old there were four more younger than her as well - so that my Mother was a very busy Mom.
    Isabel was always a gentle, thoughtful child - my Mother often recalled and related, in after years. She had a little school friend who was similar, and these two children would read small books and exchange them with each other - apparently published by an evangelical organization specializing in Gospel literature for children. Mother recalled how Isabel would sit for hours "by the window in her bedroom" reading these.
    One night when Isabel was eight years old, Mother was awakened by her crying at her bedside. Thinking the child was ill she said "What ails you, dear?" - to which Isabel replied "It's my sins."
    In after years Mother regretted she had not been better able - at that time - to instruct the child in the way of salvation, but she did say to Isabel: "Go back to bed and tell God you are sorry for your sins and ask Him to forgive you."
    In the morning the girl was very quiet and Mother asked her if she was still troubled about her sins. "Oh no!" Isabel replied with serenity, "Why would I, when I left them at the Cross."
    Effie was two years younger than Isabel and completely different in personality. While Isabel grew up quiet and retiring, Effie was like quick-silver - winsome and lively. But the girls were good friends and when they left home and got jobs (Isabel was a lawyer's secretary, Effie a Department Store clerk) they lived together in "digs" in Belfast. Effie accepted the Lord as Saviour during a Salvation Army Evangelistic campaign when she was about nineteen years old. After that the girls were even closer - hardly ever apart.
    There was a terrible Asian Flu type of Influenza that swept Europe in the 1923's and there were many deaths. Isabel contracted it - I was 11 years old at the time and I was "dispatched" to Belfast to help her Landlady look after her; I was to "rise the stairs" to Isabel's room two flights up! But, sadly, she became fatally ill and my parents were sent for; she was transferred to an acute care Nursing Home where she died several days later. (The doctor who first attended her, died from the flu before Isabel did.)
    As Mother sat beside her bed, Isabel was in and out of delirium, and kept repeating "Will there be any stars", and Mother knowing the words of the hymn, comforted her by saying how she had loved and served the Lord, - but Isabel replied "I wish I had served Him better."
    As the family gathered for the funeral service, all remarked not one could remember Isabel ever having said an unkind word to, or about, anyone in her lifetime.

Written by Isabel's sister, Kathleen, my Mother,
Duncan July 1, 1992

Thompson, Mary Isabella (I20)
2 (Medical):See attached sources. Spencer, Henry Lee (I1)
3 After the death of my mother I sent Eric three sheets (five typed sides in questionnaire form) to fill out; he generously completed them and returned them February 2001. Source (S25)
4 Andrew was the twin of John. Thompson, Andrew (I29)
5 Computer record Source (S33)
6 Cremation

Cause of Death: Myocardial Infarct 
Olson, Carrie Mathilde (I18)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I405)
8 Died as an infant Knox, Ellen (I132)
9 Died of cancer aged 63. Thompson, Albert Clarence (I50)
10 Died of heart condition aged 66. Thompson, Thomas Edwyn (I61)
11 Drew met Margaret in Ireland. They were Brethren missionaries in Uruguay. Family F18
12 Emmie Thompson was a nurse, working at several different hospitals. She died young of tuberculosis, aged 34. Thompson, Mary Emmie (I57)
13 From Collow Thompson, Robert (I5)
14 From Drumscra Murphy, Sarah Anne (I6)
15 He was married on this day Thompson, Samuel Alexander (I28)
16 He's found living with his son on the Irish census of 2 Apr 1911 Thompson, Robert (I5)
17 Her daughter was born 21 Nov 1912 Whitton, Isabella White (I96)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1)
19 I received this history as an attachment to an email from Gwen Watson-Abbott Tue 11/1/2011 5:30 pm. Source (S32)
20 Ida Hamilton Thompson died aged 2 months, 27 days. Cause of death listed as "Imbecile."
I look forward to meeting Ida in her radiant new body in heaven! 
Thompson, Ida Hamilton (I60)
21 Ida Thompson (the second Ida in this family) had just passed her exam for entry into nursing. Walking home along the side of the road in the dark she was struck and killed by an American Army lorry on the main road near Sion Mills. Thompson, Ida Gertrude (I62)
22 In Municipality and Province 5 years
Residence: 627 Lambert Street, Nanaimo
Trade: Helper on a tug boat
Informant: H. R. Lenzman, father of the deceased
Cause of death: fracture of bone of skull and 1st cervical vertebrae; odontoid process jammed into base of brain.
Fell on head on sidewalk on Commercial Street. 
Lenzmann, Lawrence Richard (I20)
23 James THOMPSON was born in 1785 in Parish of Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland. He died on 13 Oct 1871 in Duck Ponds (now Lara), Victoria, Australia. He was buried on 16 Oct 1871 in Geelong Eastern Cemetery , Geelong, Victoria, Australia. He married Jane LONG in 1807 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.

Jane LONG was born about 1798 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland. She died on 1 May 1858 in Bream Creek, Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 3 May 1858 in Geelong Eastern Cemetery , Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She married James THOMPSON in 1807 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.

They had the following children:

M ii Robert THOMPSON was born in 1811 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.
M iii William THOMPSON
M iv John THOMPSON was born in 1816 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland. [Notes]
M vi James THOMPSON was born in 1830 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.
M vii John THOMPSON was born in 1832 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.
M viii Gerrard THOMPSON was born in 1835 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland. [Notes]
F ix Margaret THOMPSON
M x Alexander THOMPSON was born in 1841 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.
F xi Jane THOMPSON was born in 1843 in Longfield, Tyrone, Ireland.
F xii Catherine THOMPSON
Source (S24)
24 Jane and Winfield were Brethren Missionaries in Uruguay. They had no children. Family F17
25 John farmed in the Breen Townland, County Tyrone Thompson, John (I30)
26 Lived at Tattynure Thompson, Samuel Alexander (I28)
27 Mary m. William Huston (Ardstraw). Children died at birth. Mary died at 23, of a broken heart - forced to marry very young by her father. Thompson, Mary (I27)
28 No issue Adams, John (I33)
29 On home computer system Repository (REPO1)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I405)
31 Place of Death: St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria BC


Cause of Death: Acute Pulmonary Edema due to Arteriosclerotic disease of 3 years 
Wysong, Martha Marie (I21)
32 Richard was a Compositor(Typesetter) in London
"Working as a compositor required a combination of attributes: a level of education sufficient to facilitate speedy and accurate composition of type; the manual dexterity to aid this; a knowledge of fonts; and an eye for design, especially before the relatively recent rise of professional design typographers...Compositors were relatively affluent and high in status..."
From http://www.historyworkshop.org.uk/the-compositor-in-london-the-rise-and-fall-of-a-labour-aristocracy/ by by Isidore Cyril Cannon posted 30 Jul 2012 accessed 15 Oct 2013 
SPENCER, Richard (I4)
33 Robert died of Tuberculosis at age 20. Thompson, Robert Noel (I63)
34 Sarah was living with her son Robert on the Apr 2 1911 Irish census Murphy, Sarah Anne (I6)
35 Shaneragh is the name of the townland; it is also the name the family uses for the house and the farm.
... Tim Spencer, Wednesday December 6, 2006 
Thompson, Kathleen (I2)
36 She was married 12 Dec 1901 so must have been at least 10 Whitton, Isabella White (I96)
37 The bulletin was created and printed by the author of this family history. Source (S9)
38 This person married Richard Spencer, so she and her descendants are found in the Spencer family at Elizabeth Wicken Robinson Robinson, Elizabeth Wicken (I6)

The clearest sky can darkened be
    when clouds across it form,
The brightest beams of sunshine veiled
    by elements of storm.
And bitter thought within the heart
    if fostered, cherished there
Oft' cast a darkening shadow oe'r
    a life once pure and fair.

An unkind act, an angry word,
    how often these can sever
The golden link in friendship's chain,
    a breach to cause forever;
And trifles small when prompted by
    the spirit of dissention,
The current of a life can change
    and alter its direction.

It's but the little things in life
    that make or mar our pleasure,
The friendly word, the cheering smile,
    are trifles wasted never;
And 'tis the tiny poisoned dart
    that ent'ring wounds the heart of friend -
The thoughtless word, the hasty deed,
    may turn from love, to hatred tend.

"Forgive us Lord, as we forgive",
    the prayer our lips of't say,
But oh! how hard for injured hearts
    such words to truly pray;
For unforgiving thoughts take root
    in spirit, mind, and life,
And in our hearts are harboured
    designs of enmity and strife.

But in those souls where perfect love
    its altar has enshrined,
Though trials come, they cannot change
    the depths of heart and mind;
And bitter thoughts are chased away
    in hearts by conflicts riven,
Their sorrows share, their faults condone,
    forgiving and forgiven.

Isabel Thompson
Shaneragh, Dromore Co. Tyrone, Ireland
1901 - 1923

Thompson, Mary Isabella (I20)
40 Willie was a draper in Limavady. Family F21