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The page you were viewing is part of a site created and maintained by Mr. T. T. Spencer of Nelson, BC, Canada.  You can contact him at the email address or home address provided on the Contact page.

This page was designed be viewed with - or printed from - Internet Explorer 6 with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, though it should be accessible using other combinations.  This part of the web site is dedicated to my Father's family descended from Joseph Spencer of Horsham, Sussex, born in the the 1600's. His son moved to Hartfield, Sussex and the family thrived there for two hundred years, disappearing up to London and elsewhere in the mid-1800's

The site was created to take advantage of the power of hypertext links:  you can navigate from a person forwards or backwards in time by clicking name links.  This is the whole point of using the web for family history:  researching connections using links!

The information on this site comes from various sources.  There are bound to be errors!  If you know of them, please let me know.
This portion of the site presents the Dobinson branch of the Spencer family.

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